The latest publications from the lab.

Switching at the Ribosome: Riboswitches need rProteins as modulators to regulate translation

For the adenine-sensing riboswitch from Vibrio vulnificus we can show that ligand binding alone is not sufficient for switching to a translational ON-state but the interaction of the riboswitch with the 30S ribosome is indispensable. Only the synergy of binding of adenine and of 30S ribosome, in particular protein rS1, induces complete opening of the translation initiation region.

NMR structure of the Vibrio vulnificus ribosomal protein S1 domains D3 and D4 provides insights into molecular recognition of single-stranded RNAs

First structure of the Fürtig Lab!

NMR Spectroscopy of Large Functional RNAs: From Sample Preparation to Low-Gamma Detection 

Our lab protocols in a single paper...

More than Proton Detection—New Avenues for NMR Spectroscopy of RNA

Review about new direct detected NMR experiments for the description of structure and dynamics in RNAs.